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The Centre for Agrarian History (CAG) in Leuven, Belgium, wants to study, preserve, secure and make accessible the history and heritage of agriculture, food and rural life in Belgium since 1750. It highlights tangible and intangible heritage in its national and international context and pays particular attention to the interaction between past, present and future. 

CAG is affiliated to ICAG, KU Leuven’s Interfaculty Centre for Agrarian History. The aim of this research centre is to support, stimulate and launch ongoing and new scientific research on agricultural and rural development and the food system in Belgium, in its national and international context.

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Image: The Eerdekens Family of Meeuwen-Gruitrode taking a break on the field during the potato harvest, 1931. Photo ©Jan Arnold Buntinx, Collection Rob Fiten.

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